We strongly believe...if you get together with a teacher who knows your name, personally motivates, coaches and encourages you with a solid understanding of how your body is intended to WILL become better. We also believe that you need to get off the machines...all machines and exercise in a dynamic matter that strengthens you in traditional and non-traditional ways. We aren't talking about fad exercise modalities out there that are injuring people or not truly challenging you. We aren't talking about pushing as much weight as you can, as fast as you can, as many reps as you can for a time. We are talking about MINDFUL movement that will challenge every inch of your body, debate with your traditional idea of exercise (and win) and surprise you by the transformation. If you aren't healing, massaging, stretching, rolling, performing corrective exercises, core training and understanding each movement along with your strength and cardio are not Optimally Fit. Optimal fitness for a lifetime is where it's at. Are you 360° Strong?