Barre Sculpt & Signature Barre

We are the only facility from Central Oahu to West side who holds these classes!

Our professional barre fitted studio will be taught by Micaiah who co-founded the #1 ranked Barre workout in Toronto Canada! It's been voted top workout for the past 3 years.

Barre classes are an amazing combination of Ballet principles, Pilates, Body Weight Exercises and the Instructor's creativity. Props such as the Pilates Ball, Bands and Weights may be used along with the bars in the studio. This is not a dance class, it's a strength class unlike any other.

Barre classes will strengthen, tone, lengthen, stretch and challenge all your minor, under used, under trained muscles. Core and upper body are worked through practical applications on the bar and props. A total body, low impact workout that is challenging and yet perfect for all fitness levels.

Believe it or not MANY professional athletes take Barre for injury prevention and cross-training.

Barre Sculpt is ALL Low Impact. Signature Barre will include some cardio bursts (which are optional).
August Update: We are currently getting some instructors trained to add on more classes for Am and PM

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