Boot Camps

What does Boot Camp mean at 360 Strong?

  • We are real fitness for real people, YES...YOU!

  • ​​

  • Average calorie burns ranging from 550-900 IN CLASS. We've seen some peaking at 1200. This doesn't include post exercise recovery burn.

  • Intervals, Vo2 Max efforts, Circuits, Sand Training, Functional movements, Tabata, Endurance Training, Strength Training and Attitude Training.

  • Anti-Treadmills and Machines...if you have a body, you can train with us.

  • Injury Prevention

  • Modifications, Personalization, Challenging, Effective

  • Indoor AND Outdoor training!

  • MYZONE (best monitor on market) Heart Rate Training Option

  • Supportive of one another minus the ego, intimidation, negative vibes, clicks or bravado.

  • Family

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