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With all the hoopla about low carb diets, veggie diets, "starve yourself" diets, etc. Nothing can compensate sound nutrition. Diets complete with proteins are most effective especially during rigorous exercise. The protein found in Lana's Egg Whites are by far the best alternative to egg substitutes! Lana's Egg Whites come complete with 7 grams of protein per white, only 100mg of Sodium, 1/2 gram of carbs, and no additives. Just clean protein!

8.5 lb Tub or 165 Egg Whites: $75 (intro rate through Nov. 30th). Pick Up at 360 Strong.

No more chemicals, colorings, gums, and preservatives with unnatural substitutes

  • No more cracking eggs, save yourself the mess!

  • No more wasting yolks, we didn't need them anyway!

  • No more worrying about salmonella, all USDA approved

  • Ready to eat, drink, cook and enjoy

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