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Cpt, TRX(3), Pilates, Boot Camp Instructor, CSAC (certified speed and agility coach).             


MY STORY: First, let me start off by saying, '"I'm a TRX® Addict"! This thing changed my body, my core, my strength, agility, balance and helped minimize my back pain! 

I've been hooked for 8 years and continue to be amazed at how effective it is. I was born with a severe case of scoliosis (curvature of the spine) in two places in my spine, that took 4 1/2 inches off my height and compresses one of my lungs. Despite my desire to be my true tall self, more importantly, it stripped me of all sports, except Track and Field at the age of 13. I was devastated and endured years of braces, back pain and feeling angry to be given this body but an athletic mind. I was given a bad prognosis if I tried to have kids (I've had 4) and predicted to be in a wheel chair in my 60's. Being told I was a 'walking time bomb' by Dr's, because I could be easily paralyzed, didn't exactly encourage me to do much! HOWEVER...

I'm an Ironman, Ragnar, Spartan Trifecta finisher despite my assumed limitations. I've acquired over 20 certifications in my 21 yrs in this business. I've worked my way from a volunteer instructor to a Fitness Director/Manager to business owner...and have been exposed to several theories and principles which combined with my own body has helped mold my methodology.

MY METHODOLOGY: Is train to be functional, injury free with amazing strength and mobility. ALL athletes and exercisers should be training this way in EACH workout. I create a lot of my own movements, they are dynamic, challenging and out of the box. It all applies to every day life and sport.



cPT, Instructor, Coach

MY STORY: I've been a competitive athlete since age 12. I was recruited to a national ranked high school in Ca. I played on the varsity team for 3 different sports all 4 years and got a full scholarship to San Jose St for softball and graduated with a bachelor in Physical Therapy. Life happened and I went in a different direction as a career and ending up in the corporate world for 10 plus years. During that time I still had a competitive drive and that lead me into strength competitions, water skiing at a competitive level, and racing motorcycles. In 2000 I was involved in a vicious motorcycle accident on the track and was airlifted out. It took me over a year to rehab back so I could live a active life again. In that time I made a decision to become a personal trainer so I could help others reach their personal fitness goals. I got nationally certified with NASM, NCSF, AFFA, and Olympic Bodybuilding movements. I worked for 24 hr for 5 years, then decided to become a independent contractor. During that time I trained girls for figure and fitness competition, trained a young girl who was trying to make the qualifying Olympic ice skating team, and did the strength and conditioning program for Washington high schools varsity softball and baseball program for 5 years. Then life happened again and I had to put my personal training on hold. Glad to say I'm back in the fitness world again and I once again feel alive. I'm very passionate over fitness and my strength is in teaching.

Barre Instructor

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300 hr Yoga Instructor


When you share in a yoga practice with me,

“Oh the places you will go”, guided by your breath, you will explore flowing sequences as well as a slow, deep holding of postures.

MY STORY: I am a joyful and expressive teacher who has devoted myself to a practice of asana, pranayama and meditation for nearly 2 decades. Yoga has long been a part of my life, providing a place where external stimuli and tumultuous change is “paused” and an inner stillness and knowing is explored. I'm from Australia yet considers myself a global citizen as I move around the world frequently with my young children and husband. Yoga has long been my “go-to” in forming connections with people, cultures and places as I journey to locations near and far.

METHODOLOGY: It was in Thailand that I embraced teaching Children’s Yoga and went on to have yoga implemented into many school curriculums. My passion for ensuring the benefits of yoga reach children everywhere led me to establish “Yoga4Keiki” here on Oahu, Hawaii. Hawaii also presented me with the opportunity to complete my 200-hour Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher Training at “Open Space” with Mary Bastien and Jennifer Reuter. I'm currently a 300-hour Certified Yoga Instructor. I continue my studies with all things yoga (Asana, Mantra, Meditation, Ayurveda, Chakras and more) with a network of specialty teachers and am extremely grateful to be forever learning, growing and loving.


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