You Can't Out Train a Bad Diet

6 Week Nutrition Program

Fact: Fueling your body properly to train at your best is vital for muscle growth, repair and performance. "Diets" are not the answer. A life style change and relationship you've created with food is key. Whether you want to lose body weight, body fat, put on muscle, perform more consistently and/or with more energy/stamina.

360 Strong is proudly offering our Nutrition Program designed by a certified and degreed Nutritionist. Our methodology is MICRO and MACRO eating focused and based around your GOALS, ACTIVITY LEVEL and Current weight/body fat. It's about balance, portion control and cleaner eating without depriving you of all things you love.

Our 6 week program includes: A consultation with our Nutritionist to set baselines. A grocery store tour to understand your different food options, optimal choices and much more. An online tracking system for both your food and exercise with weekly check in's with our Nutritionist and daily interaction with others on the program. This online system is easily accessible through your phone or computer.

    • WHAT: 30 minute Private consultation
      1 hour Grocery Store Tour
      Online program and tracking-6 Weeks

      WHEN: April 3rd and May 15th

      WHO: Members and Non-Members of 360 Strong

      HOW: 1) Pay for this program first as either a Member or Non-Member at SIGN UP button below.
      2) Sign up for your CONSULTATION (slots limited) at the button below
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      COST: $150 for 360 Strong Members $200 non-members

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    • WHAT: 6 week Nutrition Program (listed above)+ 30 Fitness Classes
      Includes all classes on the schedule. Free Child Care.

      WHEN: April 3rd and May 15th

      WHO: Anyone 13+. New participant

      COST: $300 (Nutrition Program, Consultation, Grocery Store Tour, 30 Classes)

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Nutrition Counseling Services &
Grocery Store Tours

With Justina Baker Ms Rcep, Aacvpr-ccrp

Nutritionist Bio


Justina Baker MS RCEP, CCRP
Masters Degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology
Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist-ACSM
Certified Nutritionist and Wellness Consultant- AFPA
Setting out to achieve a wellness goal may seem overwhelming at first. But fortunately with the help of a wellness consultant, you can gain control of your health and reach optimal wellness the right way!
Justina Baker is an Exercise Physiologist and Certified Nutritionist with a Masters Degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology. Justina has been providing exercise and nutritional counseling for almost 10 years, and has helped countless individuals achieve their wellness goals. Justina is also a Certified Cardiac Rehab Specialist, and Cancer Exercise Specialist. As an expert in these healthcare fields, Justina provides consulting services to healthy individuals and those living with chronic diseases such as heart disease, type II diabetes, obesity, etc. Justina particularly enjoys educating individuals on how to develop healthy eating patterns, learning to obtain weight management, and how to maintain healthy habits while dining out.
Justina is interested in helping individuals improve their quality of life through her many consulting services!

Individual Counseling:

1 pre health screening/assessment
Weekly check-in (phone or face to face)
Educational materials that pertain to exercise and nutrition goals

  • Materials may include but are not limited to: reading nutrition labels, calculating calorie needs, understanding macro/micronutrients, etc.


Grocery Tour:

  • $75/individual

  • $45/individual (5 people or more required) february special: $25

Program Features:

  • Fundamentals of clean food selections

  • How to read food labels

  • Tips for meal planning

  • Healthy snack options

  • Natural sweeteners and best alternatives

  • New fruits and vegetables and how to store/prepare

  • Best techniques for avoiding temptation

  • Varieties of grains including gluten-free options and how to use them in meals

  • Meals on a budget

  • Foods that control appetite

  • Online/Phone support for continued nutritional counseling

February Group Dates:

Wednesday, Feb. 8th, 9:00 am
Sunday, Feb. 12th, 9:00 am
Wednesday, Feb. 22nd, 6:30 pm


*Please email us after you pay to let us know which date you are attending.


Mini Assessment:

* Nutrition assessment

* Evaluation form (given to client prior to initial meeting, that way I can review it prior to meeting them)

* Nutrition counseling

* Establish goals

* Barriers to reaching goals

* Food intake analysis

* 24 hour food recall and discussion

* Nutrition education and action plan

* Education on nutrition material that pertains to their goals

* Create action steps to achieve goals


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