Sports Conditioning


Take your Athletic Team/Child to the next level!

We provide in house or off-site boot camps, functional training, speed/agility training for all sports.

On site: We can provide team or individual training for strength, speed, mobility, functional training, injury prevention, balance, core strength and yoga.

Off-site: We can provide TRX training, boot camp formats, speed work, core work, yoga, beach/sand training and more.



Our METHODOLOGY is Functional Training. We train the athlete in similar movement patterns they experience in their sport but with a twist. Rotational, unilateral, multiple planes, dynamic movements are key. Heavy strength training is not beneficial to most athletes and most often causes over use injuries, joint damage, back pain and long term injuries. Practices in a sport tend to over use the same muscles and cause joint pain, back pain and a tight body. Functional training balances off the trainings and strengthens stabilizers, increases joint mobility, power and responsiveness. Improves flexibility, body awareness and top to bottom strength.

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