Who We Are

Who We Are

A 360 Strong body is a flexible, joint healthy, core strong, cardiovascular conditioned machine because we offer over 23 unique formats in boot camps, yoga, TRX, barre, pilates, indoor/outdoor classes for you to train in and none of them use machines or traditional equipment. A 360 strong member is not only getting their fitness mojo on, they are getting a socially supportive environment that enriches their workout and holds them accountable.

Build more than muscle: We are a tribe of new friends and family to share experiences with both in and out of the gym. A 360 Strong member will be challenged outside of their comfort zone while building an amazing body, through our effective Functional Training Methodology. We are youth to seniors, men and women, military and civilian, athletes and former couch potatoes. We are YOU. Our classes are limited in size, so we will actually make eye contact, know your name, learn your abilities and challenge them. You don't need to feel ready for us...just show up...we are ready for you.

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360 Strong

91-1021 Shangrila St,

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Phone. 808-691-9551

Email. support@360strong.com

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