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What is KAATSU? It's a safe, effective, user-friendly exercise, rehabilitation and recovery "biohack" invented in Japan in 1966. KAATSU training allows you to get a total-body, muscles-maxed workout - the kind that usually takes hours with heavy, sweat-soaked weights or pounding miles of road and trail - all in less than an hour and without the need for such strenuous exercise. In fact, KAATSU can be used when you're lying down, doing the dishes, taking out the recycling or taking your dog for a walk.

Ultimately, KAATSU is about improving your quality of life. It can benefit individuals of all ages and abilities whether you're doing post-stroke rehabilitation, interested in improving overall

wellness, or are a professional athlete. Studies show it can create lean muscle mass and stronger bones as well as improve cardiovascular health, endurance, and metabolism.

How Does It Work?

Using special pneumatic bands that you put around your arms or legs, KAATSU safely slows down the blood flow returning to your heart which allows blood to pool in your limbs longer than it typically does. Blood then reaches normally unused capillaries and mobilizes muscle fibers while also raising the concentration of lactic acid. The lactic acid then triggers the pituitary gland to pump out human growth hormone (HGH) which is vital for cell regeneration and growth, as well as maintaining healthy human tissue in the brain and various vital organs. This chain of events is what happens when you exercise. But when using KAATSU, your body is "tricked" into thinking it's undergoing an intense workout even when it's not. In fact, studies show that KAATSU training increased HGH production by 190% — nearly twice the increase with heavy resistance training alone! In addition, IGF1 (insulin growth factor), and VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) are also increased, promoting nitric oxide, an important molecule for cardiovascular health. 

Some of KAATSU's Training Benefits

Gain More While Doing Less

Doing low intensity workouts with KAATSU allows you to get maximum benefits without added wear and tear on your body. This makes KAATSU training ideal for people that cannot lift heavy weights due to injury, age or other factors.


Increased Strength and Muscle Size

Even with lighter weights, KAATSU training can increase protein synthesis as much as traditional strength training.  This increase, combined with reduced muscle damage, puts a body in the best position for building lean muscle.  Because KAATSU causes less muscle damage, gains have been observed faster than in traditional strength training.


Anti-Aging Effects

KAATSU training stimulates the production of growth hormone which in turn promotes the growth of lean muscle. KAATSU training produces a “systemic effect” due to a hormonal release into the body’s circulatory system.  Though only arms and/or legs are under blood flow modification, the hormonal release into the blood stream goes everywhere and benefits all areas of the body. One of the biggest concerns women and men have as they age is bone loss or osteoporosis.  KAATSU increases bone markers related to increased bone mass.   



KAATSU training allows individuals recovering from a hard workout, competition, or injury to maintain physical fitness, increase strength, and reduce atrophy.  When a part of the body is compromised, KAATSU allows the non-compromised areas of the body to be trained as normal.  By limiting blood flow to the muscles, users can work muscles without placing excessive stress on their limbs.  Instead of waiting for the body to repair itself, you can actively produce an anabolic release (i.e. growth hormone, etc) that benefits the whole body. When recovering from an injury, always consult a qualified medical professional for proper care and guidance.

At 360 Strong, we use the non-EMF version of KAATSU called Cycle 2.0. It includes both training and cycle functions, and it's customizable to the user.

Check out what KAATSU users have to say:

Supercharge Your KAATSU Session!

KAATSU alone provides impressive health benefits. Including a program of weight-bearing activity, vibration or vascular therapies, supplement support and an overall wellness lifestyle can take your health goals to the next level and beyond!


X3 Strength Training

The X3 Bar is a gym without the gym. It provides variable resistance training that allows you to have better outcomes than free weights or resistance bands in as little as 10 minutes. Combined with KAATSU, X3 Strength training is powerhouse workout. Go here for more information.



TRX is a form of suspension training that uses body weight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability.  The concept is simple:  you use two straps with your feet or hands to partially suspend your body, then you use your own body weight as resistance. Every movement requires an integration of core, mobility, stability, strength, balance and coordination.


Whole-Body Vibration Therapy

Whole-body vibration therapy uses a vibrating platform that produces a minuscule movement as you stand, stretch, or perform modest movements. Vibration plates are used around the world for people of all physical abilities, from spinal cord injuries to professional athletes. Your brain will communicate with every muscle to keep you upright, and can help improve your circulation, balance, posture and collagen production.


BEMER Vascular Therapy

All functions of the body use electromagnetic signals. Increasing those signals with Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation (BEMER), via a comfortable mat you simply lie down on, has been proven to improve blood flow and lead to further physiological benefits such as:


  • Improving the body’s nutrient and oxygen supply and waste disposal

  • Improving cardiac function

  • Increasing physical fitness, endurance, strength and energy

  • Enhancing concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction and relaxation

  • Better sleep management


Body Wellness Supplements

Taking targeted nutrients can provide a synergistic effect when combined with exercise.

  • 360 Medicine Stand Strong-CF (D3, K2, Choline, Olive Extract, Silicon)

  • Magnesium Chelates

  • Strontium

  • Collagen

  • Peptides


Our coaches are happy to give you more information. Be sure to ask for a copy of our handout, "360 Medicine Peptide Therapy."


Virtual KAATSU!

With a rented KAATSU Cycle 2.0 unit or your own, you can have a virtual Zoom session with one of our Certified KAATSU Specialists in the comfort of your own home!

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